Post all bugs you can find about XeLL/LibXenon/Linux, thx.
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This thread is for bugreporting XMPlayer, not for providing support  :P

Always start by checking "Known Issues" in Readme on the repo: https://github.com/LibXenonProject/xmplayer, also look under "Issues" on that page to see if it's already fixed for next release. Please always post your bug report if you get a Red Screen, even if the bug is known.

If you already have a github user, it would be great if you could start a "Issue"  if it's a unknown bug, or just comment a known "Issue".

Use the following syntax:
XBOX Revision: <Xenon/Zephyr/Falcon/Opus/Jasper/Trinity/Corona>
NAND Size: <Default is: 16MB, Jasper: 16MB, 256MB, 512MB, Trinity: 16MB, 4GB, Corona: 16mb, 4GB>
Launcher: XeLL/Dashlaunch

DVD-Drive: <Toshiba-Samsung TS943A/Hitachi GDR-3120L/and more>
DVD-Firmware: <Standard/If flashed: firmware>

USB-Drive: <X> GB Pen/Harddrive: <MODEL> FS: <Fat32/ex2fs/fatx/ntfs> Power-adapter: <none/external>
USB-Drive Vendor ID: <Use LibxenonDBUG.exe in the _DEBUG folder>
USB-Drive Product ID: <Use LibxenonDBUG.exe in the _DEBUG folder>
USB-Drive All Info:  <Pastebin.com all the output from LibxenonDBUG.exe and place link here>

XeLL Version: <0.9xx/custom>
XMPlayer Version: <x.x.x>

Description: A 'to the point' detailed description of what is wrong
Reproduce bug: A description of what you were doing when the bug/crash happend

Red Screen: <Segmentation Fault!/Exception Vector! xxx (600/700)/None>
Red Screen code: <Everything below stack dump: None/0x80xxxxxx 0x80xxxxxx 0x80xxxxxx etc.>

(Post following if relevant)
Video file: <file.xxx>
Thanks for helping making Libxenon and XMPlayer better :)
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