Jasper 512MB CB-6750

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Jasper 512MB CB-6750

Post by cjackson » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:12 pm

As everyone here has a problem with jaspers like i do, i just wanna share what i do and learn what can i do now
if it is possible

my friend soldered glitch chip and i read nand twice with no errors, mismatchs wrote ECC. it worked few times with caps ( GND - 470pF - 680pF - F(on matrix, it should be cpu_bypass) ) with tapping legs of caps each others. After that i realise that xbox boot without tapping so i wrote *** image it worked but give RROD sometimes. i thought because it become too hot since i haven't used fans, so pack up xbox till putting dvd drive, plastic over fans and i realise that i put cables in wrong hole (one of the dvd holes  ) i cut two cables which go in there and tape them. i didn't remember after that consoles boot one time or not but i may did boot. but after move cables for putting dvdrom in place console didn't boot. i wish i didn't cut cables instead remove one of the plastic legs of dvdrom. anyway i read so many comments, posts, threads. i try evey mentioned cap except ceramic 68nF 100v (mine was 250v 68nf different material coded 68nk250). tapping sometimes give glitch light bu i don't think it ligths because of glitch instead fake ligthing. i measure voltage between GND and all points but cpu_bypass point gives 0.00 or -0.01 which i think there is no signal
CPU_RST gives 0.68 - .75 V
STBY_CLK gives ~1.65 V
POST_OUT1 gives between 0.05 and 0.25 v

so if anyone can say anything about voltages between this points and give suggestion i really apraciate it


Re: Jasper 512MB CB-6750

Post by webpad » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:56 am

My jasper 256MB CB6570 is  glitched with Matrix Glitcher Board. no capacity.
voltage :
A---CPU_RST    0.5v
B---POST_OUT1    0~1.7v pulse
C---STBY_CLK(48Mhz)  1.67 V
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