[Q?]How to INSTALL Gentoo LiveCD Xenon on X360 permanently?

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[Q?]How to INSTALL Gentoo LiveCD Xenon on X360 permanently?

Post by kikofras » Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:20 pm

Hello everybody.

I'm very excited 'cause i've successfully installed ubuntu in my xbox360, but i want more.

I used to use the Gentoo LiveCD beta2 to get acces to terminal and other stuff to install ubuntu, but i REALLY WANT to install Gentoo PowerPC and xbox360 patches in my xbox360.

The question is, how can i do it?

I'm not a noob nor a pro, but i need some help to get the installation done from scratch.

My way of thinking is..:

1- Get gentoo live cd up and running
2- Partition de HardDisk (1 swap, 1 restofdisk)
3- Start installing the system like a "from scratch" PC installation, using PowerPC packages, but, where can i found them?
4- Use Xbox360 kernel stuff&& patches, compile a kernel with a VirtualMachine with Xenon-toolchain, once it's finished, apply it to the box( don't know how to do it)
5- Create a USB or CD/DVD with the http://file.libxenon.org/latest_kern available for Xbox360 (Thinking about modifying some KBOOT.conf)
6- Try to get the system up and running like i've done with ubuntu, and Debian 6

Can anyone give me a hand to acomplish this? I have 3 Xbox360 Jtagged and i want to get profit of them.

Thanks alot community


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Re: [Q?]How to INSTALL Gentoo LiveCD Xenon on X360 permanently?

Post by Cancerous1 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:06 pm

There are threads here on this site , how to compile the kernel, and multiple threads how to install linux, to the hdd or using the livecd extracted to usb.

so you've already been helped, read the operating systems and tutorials sections.


btw profit in english means a gain of money, that's not what we do here.
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Re: [Q?]How to INSTALL Gentoo LiveCD Xenon on X360 permanently?

Post by kikofras » Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:07 pm

Hey, thanks for answering.

When i said "profit" i mean personal gaining, not commercial or business money. I'm used to use linux, understund what GPL is and the non-profit of that.

Sorry, was a bad-meaning mistake.

I was looking those tutorials, but i didn't see any one talking about HOW to use the "lastest_kern" to get the system booted....

Thanks alot!

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