MAC-Address in Gentoo Live Kernel

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MAC-Address in Gentoo Live Kernel

Post by mbuchber » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:33 pm

Dear all!
I have managed to get the LiveCD (Gentoo) working on the Xbox with NFS-Mount of the rootfs. I use the following commandline in kboot.conf:
gentoo="/gm/VMLINUX initrd=/gm/initramfs root=/dev/ram0 cdroot=1 real_root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= video=xenonfb panic=60 maxcpus=1 loop=/image.squashfs looptype=squashfs console=tty0 nox ip=dhcp"

...which works wonderfully, except for the IP-Adress a XBOX (we have more than one) gets from DHCP. Somehow, the MAC-Address of the eth0 Interface turns to 00:01:33:44:55:66 when the kernel comes up, however, xell displays the correct MAC before initiating the boot process.
Can anybody help me? I suspect the MAC address is somehow hardcoded in the kernel - can that be?


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