Talk/ask about Xbox360's hardware in here (dont ask about DVD-ROM modification or similar ! )
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Post by foxytaur » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:02 am

Hello I'm pretty new to the scene and I wanted to dicuss something of utter importance to the homebrew community.
That special topic is gamepads.
I know there are third party controllers out there that supposedly do a better job when it comes to craving our arcade appetite but for the hardcore old school gamers it's still feels like there's a wide gap with their new s model controllers.
Not good  enough by my standards. I miss the feel of a snes gamepad for my homebrew craving.

It also happens that I'm taking electronics engineering at my local comunity college.(2nd yr special program)
This is extremely exciting news cuz its has been in my best interest to somehow find a way to map a snes controller onto the 360 logic board.
Does anyone have a detailed blueprint for the 360 controller dpad.
I'm sorry old or new controller(twisting dpad) sucks and if I can come up with a decent tutorial on how to do be beyond gnarly!!!!!!!!
The dpad was hideous!!!!
Something must be done and if no one wants to embark on this quest then i'll have to do it myself however I'm still a noob and
i feel I may need to be slightly pinpointed towards the right direction to achieve this feat.

If I'm being obnoxious please let me know I wanted to do this for the sake of learning

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Re: Gamepads

Post by loki » Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:47 pm

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