How to update XeLL

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How to update XeLL

Post by tuxuser » Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:06 pm

Here's a quick HowTo for updating XeLL.


* XeLL Reloaded build NEWER THAN 2011-09-23
* FAT/FAT32 USB Stick supported by XeLL

Step 1: Download a recent XeLL Reloaded build
Step 2: Rename the matching XeLL-binary to "updxell.bin"
            - xell-1f.bin for JTAG XeLL-only Image
            - xell-2f.bin for JTAG *not allowed to talk about in here*-Images
            - xell-gggggg.bin for Reset Glitch Hack Images
Step 3: Copy the updxell.bin file to the root of the FAT/FAT32 USB Stick
Step 4: Plug in the USB Stick and boot up XeLL. It should find the update and flash it
Step 5: Reboot your Xbox and enjoy the fresh XeLL build


updxell.bin doesnt get found/updxell process doesn't start: You have to rebuild your whole hackimage with a recent XeLL. From there on you can use the easy update feature
updxell function reports that no XeLL binary was found in NAND: Either your XeLL in NAND is too old or it's not a XeLL Reloaded binary - You have to rebuild your whole hackimage with a recent XeLL.
I have no idea what I am doing but atleast I am trying

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