What is the Best Lini to install to HD on 360 ??

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Bliss IRL

What is the Best Lini to install to HD on 360 ??

Postby Bliss IRL » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:34 am

Hi all i am having issues - i can get the various distros to a booted state via various xell loaders, My problems are the latest Xell reloaded and the git.99 loader - how to i get any of the linux distros to run from HD under that loader . Reason being i have 2 x HD's one for games - and i would like one for Lini ????. Any help or point to tutorials would be great . Spent an entire day pullingmy hair out reading as much resources as i could find , but im stumped as to how to get it all booting from HD .
The latest Xell wont even boot any of the Linux distros it just hangs at executing. Instead i have to load them from an older xell loader from fsd. :-(

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