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Xbox 360 controller configuration - no C Button

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:22 pm
by fvajutz
So i just got the mupen64-360 emulator for my jtag and i can't seem to figure out why the c button isn't included on the xbox controller. there are 4 buttons dedicated to the z button, but somehow c isn't included. Maybe i've gone crazy, because i haven't seen anybody talk about this problem, but this means that i'm stuck in ocarina of time because i can't use the slingshot. i mean the image for the controls included in the mupen64-360 dashboard shows clearly that there is no c button to be found. so i ask, is there any way to change the configuration? is there a secret combination of buttons that i need to press to achieve shooting my slingshot? or will i have to try another emulator?