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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:48 am
by tuxuser
NANDOne v0.02

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for file-adresses and extracts the binary
files. As I only had two dumps to work with, it's probably not
universally compatible and contains bugs for sure :P


* Python 2.7
* Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump

info Reads adresses from SFBX and GFCU Table and prints them
to screen

extract Extracts the parsed entries from SFBX Table

sfbxscan If the SFBX adress of your NAND isn't contained, scan
for the MAGIC/Header and append it to the list in the
python script

Usage: [action] [dump]

Available Action:
sfbxscan Scans for SFBX address
info Prints the parsed entries
extract Extracts nand content

Example: sfbxscan nanddump.bin
Author: tuxuser
Source: Github