HDD - Partitions, Data etc.

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HDD - Partitions, Data etc.

Post by tuxuser » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:27 am

As you know, the Xbox One includes an internal 500GB 2,5" SATA HDD.
Our Team-Member "Juvenal" looked into the HDD layout shortly after release and found 5 NTFS-Partitions... a few hours later he released the Xbox HDD Tools to make every SATA HDD "Xbox One"-compatible.

So far, only encrypted XVD files were found on HDD...
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Re: HDD - Partitions, Data etc.

Post by Swizzy » Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:38 pm

Some details about the HDD:

The partitioning table type is GPT (GUID Partition Table)
Disk GUID: a2344bdb-d6de-4766-9eb5-4109a12228e5
Partition 1 (Temp Content) GUID: b3727da5-a3ac-4b3d-9fd6-2ea54441011b
Partition 2 (User Content) GUID: 869bb5e0-3356-4be6-85f7-29323a675cc7
Partition 3 (System Support) GUID: c90d7a47-ccb9-4cba-8c66-0459f6b85724
Partition 4 (System Update) GUID: 9a056ad7-32ed-4141-aeb1-afb9bd5565dc
Partition 5 (System Update) GUID: 24b2197c-9d01-45f9-a8e1-dbbcfa161eb2

The "dynamic" partition here is Partition 2, the rest must be the following sizes (exact bytes!):
Partition 1 (Temp Content): 85 985 280 (HEX: 0x5200800)
Partition 3 (System Support): 83 886 080 (HEX: 0x5000000)
Partition 4 (System Update): 25 165 824 (HEX: 0x1800000)
Partition 5 (System Update 2): 14 680 064 (HEX: 0xE00000)

The labels are as you've already guessed:

Partition 1: Temp Content
Partition 2: User Content
Partition 3: System Support
Partition 4: System Update
Partition 5: System Update 2

Once you've replaced your harddrive you need the following files in Partition 4 (in order for it to work):


the list is taken from: https://github.com/juvenal1/xboxonehdd
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